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How to join BCAG NSW

Keep Abreast of the Action – join Breast Cancer Action Group NSW, NOW!

Joining is simple! Just print out the application form and mail or fax to BCAG (mailing address above) OR use the online membership form and your details will be automatically sent to us immediately.

BCAG NSW Membership Form [electronic online form]

BCAG NSW Membership Form [printout for faxing or mailing]

What to Look for in Heater Hire Service

What to Look for in Heater Hire Service

If you have a short-term or temporary need for extra heat, you may be taking a closer look at heater hire from Coolbreeze. With heater hire service, you can have a smaller or larger portable heater delivered to your location, and you can use the heater for a period of hours or even days or longer. This is a convenient and affordable way to enjoy extra heat when needed, but you want to choose the right heater hire service to work with. There are a few points to consider as you compare the different options available. 

First, you want to find a company that will provide you with the right type of heater. There are several differences between heaters that you should consider. For example, the type of power or fuel that is used can vary from heater to heater. If the portable heater uses natural gas or another type of gas as a fuel source, the company may provide you with additional fuel as needed to meet your needs. Some of these heaters run on electrical power, and you may be responsible for locating a power source for the heater. 

In addition to the type of energy or fuel used for heater hire, the amount of heat generated can also vary. Some of these portable heaters are only designed to be used in small, enclosed areas. Others may be more well-suited for large, open areas. It is important that you select the right heater hire for your specific needs. 

These areas should be focused on initially when you are looking for heater hire service. Likely, you will find several companies that meet your needs in these areas. From that point, you can research cost and availability. When you focus on each of these points carefully, you can more easily set up heater hire service that meets all of your needs and that is most affordable for you.